Hi there! My name's Kingsley. I'm a Brit, who's been living in the US since 2016. I write code for things on the internet. More specifically, I'm an Open Source Enthusiast & I work as a DevOps Engineer for Pearson.

A full-stack developer, generalist, and environmentalist, I enjoy combining my obsessive attention to detail, with my love for making things, and the environment, with a mission-driven work ethic of changing the world, in one small positive way at a time. Checkout some of my work , or say hello!


  • The Sterling Sessions

    Tune into 4.20 Mhz, the soothing sounds of old school roots reggae, classic songs remixed/parodied specifically for my daughter Sterling... reggae helps heal (even open heart surgery)!

  • The staggering cost of surviving heart disease in the USA

    I’m originally from a country where socialised medicine is the norm (the UK), so the idea of paying for healthcare directly out of my own pocket still feels very weird to me. Follow me on my journey as a parent to a child born with a rare congenital disorder and heart defect in the USA, and learn the staggering true cost of treating both in the USA along the way.


  • I built a table 💪

    I’ve never really done much woodwork, but my wife decided she wanted me to repurpose some sixty-plus-year-old barn wood. I’m always up for a challenge, so I figured what better way to do justice to it than to go down the rabbit hole of fine-furniture creation, and about a hundred hours later, I finished building our dining room table!


  • Tracking air quality & industry in Gary, Indiana

    My neighbours and I in Miller Beach pitched in and bought a PurpleAir II to track air quality in our community. I've since added weather, plane, boat, train, and traffic tracking, and open-sourced it so other people can track pollution in their communities.