I built a table 💪

My wife and I were lucky to acquire some beautiful old wood from a demolished barn in the family. We needed a proper dining room table, so my wife asked if I could build one and, without realising the scale of the undertaking, I said "hell yuh!" Around a hundred hours and a lot of sweat later, I produced a table and bench combo!

With no fine-furniture experience, not much woodworking experience either, imperial measuring tapes, and hours of trial and error, I finally built some furniture I'm proud of! Here's to many years of use 🍻

60+ year old Oak & Yellow Pine from demolished family barn
4x 18" & 4x 28" 1/2" thick from thehairpinlegcompany.com
Total time
~100 quarantined hours
Total cost
~$200 for materials such as oils, sand paper, tack clothes, etc.
~$140 for hairpin legs
~$250 on tools such as planer + spare blade, sander, rasp, clamps, etc.

Lessons Learnt:

  • If I wasn't a software developer, I would probably be a woodworker.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan! More MTCO (Measure Thrice, Cut Once), less YOLO (You Only Leveled Once).
  • Have a clear workspace! I wish I had clear/ned my garage out completely sooner.
  • Check the weather! Rain/Wind + sawdust isn't fun.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect/it's ok to shim, just make sure it's secured with enough glue, nails, screws :D